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Brother's Baby Mama Saga, part WTF?

Quick catch up on some stuff going on with me...

I'm not sure where I left off with what is happening with my brother's baby mama drama. Incredibly long story short, after driving around Indy while manic and delusional, his kids' mom faced no repercussions from anyone. About the only thing that was useful to come out of all that was that CPS started coming out to her house. Even though they were setting appointments and warning her before dropping by, she kept standing them up and making excuses why they shouldn't come in. On the one occasion she did let them in, they were reportedly "alarmed" at the condition of the home, despite the fact that she'd taunted my brother the night before, saying she had cleaned her house and he was going to look like a fool. Still, nothing really seemed to be going on. Then BOOM! All hell broke loose.

Apparently still delusional and under the belief that the government was conspiring against her for reasons undisclosed at the time, she left the kids with her mother and went to Washington DC. Once there, she attempted to climb the White House fence at least twice during a three-week period. She told the secret service agents surrounding the White House that she knew Mike Pence and had to speak with him about a matter of national security. They arrested and briefly detained her on a mental hold but, because she's not a resident of the DC area, there was no way to receive funds for her treatment there. After a week, the hospital where she was being held just released her to her own devices. She's been out there living on the streets for a couple months now. Every once in a while, she calls her mom or dad to ask for money but refuses to come home. She won't even acknowledge that she has children, let alone express any kind of concern for them. My brother was granted emergency custody by the state, and he's currently going through the court system to receive full custody. You'd think it would be a very simple process, but since the kids' mother technically abandoned the kids, they were named wards of the state, and there's a lot of hoops he has to jump through now, even though he had a custody case in process when their mom left. Children's services in this state really is a joke.

My cat Batleigh passed away a little over a month ago. I'd had her for 14 years, and it broke my heart. It was terrible. That's all I want to say about that.

More tomorrow.
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