your cat likes me better (malice_n_wonder) wrote,
your cat likes me better

This is a call to all my past resignations.

In a little more than an hour, it will mark the one year anniversary since I was admitted to the hospital for heart failure.

TBH, I think that's been screwing with my head a little more even than I've been consciously aware of. I've been pushing myself, trying to do and see and accomplish everything now, now, NOW. The passage of time weighs heavily on my mind.

The whole point of which is this... I'm dying. You're dying. We're all dying, every minute of every hour of every day. Time is the currency of our lives, so don't wait to meaningfully spend yours until you find out it's counted in single digits. You wouldn't repeatedly spend every single dollar you have with the blind faith that there will always be more, so why do it with your days? Stop putting things off. Sure, maybe you'll get around to doing all the things you always tell yourself you eventually will. But maybe you won't. Don't cheat yourself.
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