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Another Choose Your Own Adventure Post

Pick a topic to discuss with me in the comments. Chhose your path, choose your adventure!

  • After receiving most of them for my birthday last June then recently acquiring a Beverly Crusher on e-Bay, I now have a full, unopened Wave Two set of all the TNG senior officer action figures, plus a Borg. BTW, did I mention they're unopened? Because I'm going to open them.

  • Please, please, someone, watch Mr. Robot so we can discuss it. It's a really intelligent, psychological techno-crime thriller. It's also the first show in years that I've eagerly awaited the new episode each and every week.

  • That sound you heard today was my screech of joy as I finally received a my copy of Green Room, the crime-horror vehicle starring Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin, from Netflix. Obviously, we will be discussing this movie more soon,

  • You've heard they're remaking Stephen King's It, right? Although, at least IMO, no one can ever really replace Tim Curry in anything and it's probably a mistake to even try, I have to say that the new Pennywise is looking pretty freaking disturbing.

  • Scientists have discovered a squid that looks like a Pixar character. It's pretty damn adorable, particularly when you consider that it's a squid.

  • Finally, look who's in talks to join that Mary Poppins sequel.

Tags: anton yelchin, green room, horror, movies, mr. robot, news, patrick stewart is my pretend boyfriend, science, star trek: tng, stephen king, television, toys
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