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It's been a rough week. Let's LJ and chill, aka post and toast, aka distract me from the broke, unwieldy mess that my life has become. Here are some possible topics of interest, but please don't feel constrained by these suggestions:

  • Today, another pool at the Rio Olympics resembled my local fountain on St. Patrick's Day - dyed green and most likely teeming with bacteria. What do you think is responsible and/or what's your theory on why they're having such trouble stopping it?

  • Michael Phelps's adorable relationship with his baby is slowly making my eyes come back down from where they rolled when I heard he'd named that poor kid Boomer. What's your opinion on giving children names that might cause them to be mistaken for a family pet?

  • David Duchovny is trying to stir up some shit.

  • Must. Watch. Mr. Robot. Now.

  • Stranger Things: It's Stephen King mixed with Steven Speilberg and a pure joy.

  • Someone made a lifesize chocolate bust of James Doohan as Scotty. Could you bring yourself to eat it?

Tags: 2016 summer olympics, david duchovny, gillian anderson, men+babies = adorable, mr. robot, star trek, stranger things, television
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