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Quick, Non-Spoilery Review of "The Night Manager"

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As I noted in my last post, I finally got around to watching The Night Manager. london_fan asked me for a non-spoilery review, so here it goes...

The Night Manager is based on a John le Carré book, and it's pretty standard spy fare in a lot of ways. There's a fairly simplistic plot (through his job, the night manager of a hotel comes into contact with an arms dealer and is recruited by MI-6 to spy on him), some violence, a couple gorgeous women, glamorous location shots, and international arms dealing. What elevates this miniseries above others of its kind is the quality of the actors involved. With this role, Tom Hiddleston makes a good case for becoming the next James Bond. Hugh Laurie plays a believable bad guy, and Olivia Colman is just wonderful as the intuitive and underappreciated MI-6 handler. It's a good summer watch, and if you're a fan of the Bond films, chances are you'll enjoy this. Thumbs up.
Tags: friends of malice, hugh laurie, olivia colman, review: television, the night manager, tom hiddleston
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