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I Don't Think Anyone on My Friends List Watches OItNB, but...

I just have to say how gutted I was by this season. It became obvious early on that something terrible was going to happen between the inmates and the new guards, but Poussey's death caught me completely by surprise.Of all the characters on the show, she was the one who seemed the most out of place, the offender most likely to eventually walk out of prison and leave it all behind. Sensitive and sweet, always smiling, Poussey was the last person anyone would have predicted to die a violent death at the hands of a guard.

But that's what made it so meaningful.

I know a lot of people are protesting her death under the BLM hashtag, and normally I would be hestitant to weigh-in on these things as a non-POC. However, I just wanted to mention that, at least from a writing standpoint, Poussey's death was incredibly powerful. If virtually any other character had met its end, it would have made a kind of internal sense. Piper with her white power problem, Nicky with her drug problem, Healy with his depression, Sophia or the sister in the shoe, any of the people involved with the murder/disposal of the hitman guard or the hair salon drug front... The list of people flirting with danger goes on and on. But not Poussey. Except for her tendency to make out with her girlfriend - something usually frowned upon in prison - she was pretty much a model inmate. There was nothing to be gained, no lesson learned from her death. The only 'reason' she died was because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the riot broke out. It was completely, horribly random. She was a sacrificial lamb slain by an out-of-control correctional system and the for-profit prison industry. If watching her die hurt, it was because it was supposed to.
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