your cat likes me better (malice_n_wonder) wrote,
your cat likes me better

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Meme: What I've Been...

Watching: Colony (TV), Sherlock Holmes: The Abominable Bride (TV), The Martian (film), The Visit (film), Electic Boogaloo: The Wild, Untold Story of Cannon Fillms (documentary)

Reading: Horrorstör (book), lots of articles about neurotransmitters, X-Files fics by wendelah1

Doing: still rehabbing furniture (it's going to take a while), celebrating my niece's birthday, doing research for my X-Files fic (please see the bit on neurotransmitters) so I can get Scully's science-speak right, getting into countdown mode for the new X-Files run
Tags: blood is thicker than jagermeister, books, documentaries, friends of malice, horror, meme, movies, poverty is the mother of invention (diy), science, science fiction, sherlock, television, the x-files, writing
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