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A Couple of Reviews

Blunt Talk  

I recently got the chance to watch the first season of the new(ish)series in which my forever pretend boyfriend Patrick Stewart portrays Walter Blunt, a Walter Cronkite-on-crack character whose personal problems frequently overshadow his professional life. Created by Seth McFarlane ("Family Guy") and Johnathan Ames ("Bored to Death"), "Blunt Talk" can be as wonderfully raunchy as one might expect, but there are also some really moving moments, particularly when it touches upon agism and mortality. There's also a fantastic supporting cast; sadly (with the exceptions of Jacki Weaver and the wonderfully understated Ed Begley Jr), their talents are largely wasted in crowded scripts and unengaging subplots. Fortunately, Patrick Stewart's fearless performance makes whatever shortcomings there may be easy to bear.

Chaos on the Bridge

This movie is basically William Shatner doing some behind the scenes muckraking on the making of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and it is absolutely fucking fabulous. Shatner gets nearly everyone involved with the production of TNG to talk shit about something, and that something is usually Gene Roddenberry. Chaos on the Bridge is basically the cinematic equivalent of a very niche National Enquirer...which is both its drawback and its appeal. This tea isn't for everyone; only Trekkies need imbibe.
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