your cat likes me better (malice_n_wonder) wrote,
your cat likes me better

Martin Freeman is Salty

“I don’t think other actors are asked all the time about the similarities between their roles. I don’t think Ben [Cumberbatch] or Daniel Craig are asked that. I think it stems from my so-called perceived approachability. And it is totally fucking perceived. I come across as a half-decent person and not very pretentious. I’m a good actor; I can pretend. Look,” he says, calming down a bit, “I’m angry and defensive about everything. It just drives me slightly bananas because I know how hard I work. Tim is nothing like Bilbo Baggins either. People tend to think, ‘Oh, you’re just doing what you do.’ It’s a) insulting, b) fucking bullshit, and c) I’d invite any other fucker to try to do it.”

watson kick

(I love how he's such a prickly bastard and doesn't play the game.)
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