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The BBC Has Taken Over My Life.

Some random thoughts on what I've been watching lately...

Orphan Black... One of the best shows on right now, I can't believe Orphan Black isn't wildly popular. It has everything: an incredible female lead, a wonderful supporting cast, intriguing plot, fast-paced developments, snappy dialogue... True, I could've done without the S2 casting of Michelle Forbes, but it's a testament to how very, very good the show is that I can just watch her play essentially the same character yet again and it not even really bother me. Besides, Tatiana Maslany makes up for it by playing virtually everyone else. Seriously, go. Watch. Now.

Doctor Who... Question: Is there anything not to love about Peter Capaldi's incarnation of the Doctor...? Answer: No, there is not. Stop wasting our time with silliness. As much as I adore Matt Smith, Capaldi is the mature physical embodiment Twelve needed at this point in his character arc, and he's just as intellectually suited to the role. The Doctor's witty, train-of-Timelord-thought seems to like it was created to trip off his tongue, yet at the same time he possesses the gravitas necessary to portray a 2000-year-old being coming to terms with his past and the person he's become. So yeah, I'm fangirling it. The only way Capaldi could've been a better choice for the Doctor would be if he'd been born a ginger.

Sherlock... Hey, Martin Freeman,
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