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Sherlock Drabble: The Strange Case of Mary Watson, pt 4

Rating: General
Word count: 100, not including the wordy title
Spoilers: everything.
Part: 4/?
Summary: An ongoing series of drabbles filling in the "nothing for months" missing time in "His Last Vow."
A/N: The lovely
london_fan needed a distraction, so I wrote another installment for her. (Feel better soon!)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

Watson took his wedding portrait from Sherlock and returned it to the mantle. "If you're planning on telling some sob story about that sociopath I took for a wife, don't."

"I'm unmoved by sob stories, but one cannot argue with facts. Fact: Erratic or inappropriate discipline has been linked to antisocial behavior in children. Fact: Abused children are often unable to form emotional bonds as adults--"

"Is that what happened to you?"

"Strictly a case of nature over nurture. But John..." Steepling his fingers together, Sherlock squinted at Mary's scar in the photo. "I think someone made her this way."
Tags: fic, fic: the strange case of mary watson, friends of malice, sherlock
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