your cat likes me better (malice_n_wonder) wrote,
your cat likes me better

Christopher Walken Appreciation Post

Let's take this one by the numbers...

1. Christopher Walken is such an incredible thespian, most people tend to forget - or are tragically unaware - of his hottie past. Let's rectify that...

Young-Walken-christopher-walken-10036441-445-566 (1) Christopher-Walken-Theatre-Mid-80-s-christopher-walken-18845678-449-600

Christopher-Walken-Younger-Days-Theatre-christopher-walken-18805875-325-310 Christopher-Walken-Younger-Days-Theatre-christopher-walken-18806885-300-387  

2. Dude can dance...

3. He performs Lady Gaga better than Lady Gaga...

4. He reads to children (kind of)...

5. And of course this, which can never be seen enough...

Tags: appreciation post, christopher walken, music, sharing means caring
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