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Sherlock Drabble: The Strange Case of Mary Watson, pt.3

Rating: General
Word count: 100, not including the wordy title
Spoilers: everything.
Part: 3/?
Summary: An ongoing series of drabbles filling in the "nothing for months" missing time in "His Last Vow."
A/N: Comments always welcome.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Sherlock picked up the wedding portrait, holding it very close to his face. “Tell me about this scar.”

John could barely bring himself to look. His bride was smiling up at him in the picture, her head tilted back and resting on his shoulder, exposing the mark on the underside of her chin. “It’s flat,” he replied clinically, “uniform in color, edges are smooth… most likely sustained sometime during childhood. Location of the wound suggests she fell and hit something on the way down.”

“Or something hit her,” Sherlock murmured. He turned to John. “We just found our first clue.”
Tags: fic, fic: the strange case of mary watson, sherlock
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