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Sherlock Drabble: The Strange Case of Mary Watson, pt.1

Title: The Strange Case of Mary Watson, pt. 1
Rating: General
Word count: 100, not including the wordy title (triple-checked!)
Spoilers: everything.
Part: 1/?
Summary: An ongoing series of drabbles filling in the "nothing for months" missing time in "His Last Vow."

“John, we’ve already been over this.”

“I’ll hire you then. Consider me a client.”

“You can’t afford me. You have a child on the way.”

“If it’s even mine.”

Sherlock stared at him coldly.

“Don’t tell me it hasn’t occurred to you,” Watson snapped, “of all people.”

He didn’t answer, just shifted uncomfortably in his hospital bed. “Has Mary ever given you reason to believe she’s been… an adultress?

“No, but until very recently, she hadn’t given me reason to believe she’s a killer, either.”

“Once I’ve shown you things, they can’t be unseen.”

“I'm ready, Sherlock. Open my eyes.”
Tags: fic, fic: the strange case of mary watson, sherlock
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