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More "Sherlock" Six-Word Stories

london_fan asks, and she receives.

1. Genius...? Madman...? Sherlock Holmes is both.
2. His addiction isn't cured, merely transferred.
3. Orwell was right; Big Brother's watching.
4. Watson isn't your average nice guy.
5. Do no harm...unless absolutely necessary.
6. Moriarty/Holmes: two sides, same coin.

1. The Woman, his favorite unsolved puzzle.
2. Truth: Nothing good happens in Indiana.
3. He'd die to save them. Apparently.
4. That second of distraction haunts Watson.
5. If only he hadn't looked away...
6. Sherlock died, but he's who suffered.

1. The real mystery was John's mustache.
2. Mrs. Hudson: landlady, "typist," original gangsta.
3. Happily ever after doesn't last long.
4. He chose her. Like attracts like.
5. Nothing for months then utter joy.
6. Sherlock takes his vows very seriously.

*edited for momentary stupidity
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