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Guys, I just discovered "Heroes!"

Before we begin today's post, I feel a quick prayer is in order...

Our savior Netflix, who art my polar vortex haven, hallowed be thy name. Streaming come, they will be done, on pc as it is on the big screen. Amen.

Since we're currently still suffering from the accursed effects of the polar vortex, and God in his/her/its infinite wisdom has still not seen fit to grant me the ability to hibernate like a bear, I've been taking advantage of the only sensible option still left: drowning my shivery misery in the warm, sweet waters of my Netflix queue. It was on one such bender when I recently discovered the previously unknown (at least to me) joys of Heroes, a show about a group of people gifted with supernatural powers. I don't know I was thinking when I decided to take a pass during its on-air run because this show is actually pretty frigging awesome. The comic book-style format is visually striking, the writing is intriguing, and the cast is peppered with more sci-fi greats than a Doctor Who reunion. If you haven't already seen it, I definitely recommend this show to get you through what's turning out to be a long and tedious winter.

And if you have seen it, why on earth didn't you tell me about it sooner?  
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