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Movies I'm Excited to See This Year (Part of a Series)

I'm feeling too drowsy to write a long post tonight, so instead I thought I'd break this topic down into a series. (I can hear you cheering my innovation from here.) The first movie in my list is Foxcatcher...
[MEGA spoilers under the cut]For those of you who aren't true crime freaks like me, "Foxcatcher" was originally the name of an estate belonging to John DuPont. Way back when, John DuPont was known for two things: being both incredibly rich and extremely "eccentric"... the kind of "eccentric" that gets referred to as "mental illness" in the less wealthy. He slowed classic signs of paranoia, accusing several people of conspiring against him, often in collusion with the federal government. He was also known to state on several occasions that he was afraid others were trying to literally dissolve his estate with some kind of secret particle weapon. Despite this, as an heir of the DuPont family fortune his birthright shielded him, allowing him to avoid getting the help he needed while simultaneously giving him the means to indulge in obsessive "hobbies," such as taxidermy and gun collecting.

Events took a tragic turn when DuPont became interested in wrestling and decided that he wanted to sponsor an Olympic wrestling team. He named the team "Team Foxcatcher," after his estate, and immediately hired coaches for his team. One of those coaches was Mark Schultz, a former Olympian. DuPont and Schultz became close friends, but that didn't keep DuPont from deciding Schultz was part of the conspiracy against him. In a fit of delusional rage, DuPont drove over to Schultz's home and gunned him down in his own driveway, in full view of his wife. DuPont was tried for the crime and found guilty but insane.

The movie stars Steve Carrell (an underrated actor, IMO) and Channing Tatum. Here's the trailer...

Any comments, thoughts, or random dirty lyrics...? (I'm game.)
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