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Two Quick Series Pilot Reviews

Agents of SHIELD - When Joss Whedon transplanted Clark Gregg's character from the movies to TV, he seems to have misplaced Coulson's wry sense of humor, along with just about everything else that made Marvel's MIB likable. His jokes are obvious and the more he talks about the uber-secret government agency that keeps an eye on everyone for their own good, the creepier he becomes. It comes off a little too much like NSA propaganda, and the flying car is just ridiculous. I'll take a pass on more episodes until Tony Stark makes a guest appearance. Verdict: Agents of SUCK.

The Blacklist - James Spader plays TV's latest version of the antihero/supervillain-who-mysteriously-offers-to-help-the-good-guys prototype in this series, and sometimes the roots of his character's lineage are a little too obvious. Every time he starts psychoanalyzing Agent Keen, I half expect him to ask if she still hears the lambs. And speaking of the agent with the eyeroll-inducing name, Megan Boone really needs to step up how Keen comes across unless her actual goal is to be completely ignored whenever Spader walks on screen. He chews the scenery so effectively it's almost impossible not to watch...which is why I'm going to give this series a couple more episodes to come into its own before I make my final call. Verdict: Quid pro quo, Clarice.
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