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Celebrating Another Year of london_fan!

rainbow sherlock

You say it's your birthday...?
Well, it's her birthday too, yeah!

It's one of my favorite days of the year, the day when we all get to stand around and officially acknowledge how wonderful london_fan is, and how very grateful we are for knowing her. So thank you, Mom & Pop london_fan! I don't know either of you from Captain Handsome Pasty-Face up there, but nine months or so ago on this very special day some odd years ago, you made with teh love and gave the world the gift of an incredible person. Thank you!!!

As for you, birthday girl, thanks for being the friend I always wanted but didn't always deserve. You are more special than you will ever just take my word for it. I love you!!!

PS As per the usual, your gifts will arrive late because I have yet to mail them. However, I have been working on a few, small other things as well. Please take this as a token of my birthday goodwill and rest assured that more is coming very soon. (Hint: I've been a busy girl. :D)

A GIFT FOR london_fan
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