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Tom Hardy: Actor, Chameleon, Ovary-Exploder

This is a much-delayed post in response to avidreadergirl's assertion that she wasn't familiar with Tom Hardy and doesn't think she'd seen him in anything... I love her dearly but she is so wrong on this one. The dude's a chameleon, I tell you! One urbane, luscious, swimming-in-sexy chameleon!

First of all, I know that (like me) she's a not-so-closeted Trekkie and almost certainly saw Star Trek: Nemesis in which The Hardster played Picard's Romulan-and-Human-DNA-just-won't-splice cloned offspring, Shinzon.

I think everyone on the planet saw him play Eames in Inception.

Here's another photo I chose at random, just because he's SO. DAMN. PRETTY.

Then he got just the amount right of buff for Warrior.

Here he is playing with a puppy on the set of his new movie.

And one more, just because it's Tom Hardy with a puppy, and how the Internet just doesn't 'splode from all the cute, I don't even know.

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