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I Accomplished Something!

After finally finishing one of my projects, I'm so pleased with how it turned out that I'm going to show it off a little...

We've needed to get the dog food off the floor for some time now because it's hard for our arthritic old girl to lean down in that position for long. I got a Dremel for Christmas and eventually decided to break it in by making a dog food stand instead of buying one. The most difficult part for me was measuring, then measuring again, then measuring once more (just to be sure) so the food bowl would be both centered in the middle of the stand AND so its rim would sit flush with the tabletop. I'm still somewhat in disbelief that I actually got it right.

I tried to get Willow to pose with her shiny new stand, but she refused to get off the couch. So here she is cuddling with her blanket instead:

Tags: females are strong as hell, furbabies, habitica, i made this
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