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Ms. Fix-It Gets The Winter Blues

I’ve been a little down the last few days. I’m attributing most of it to seasonal affective disorder because not only do I need more sunlight (my precious!), but when it gets below freezing, I have to stay in as much as possible in order to protect the health of my lungs (enlarged hearts->bad lungs->very susceptible to pneumonia) so I also could do with an excursion or two away from the house.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on redoing my bathroom. I demoed most of it last year - removed six layers of wallpaper all the way down to the original plaster, ripped out the linoleum, and removed a sink from the 50s. After a taking a break to recoup, I got busy on the linen closet. It took me about two weeks, but I removed all the old lead paint from the wood shelves so I could salvage and stain them. I also removed all of the old, tres ugly wallpaper and painted the inside. (I have pictures off all this if anyone is curious.) Now I’m sanding the bathroom door and trying to decide on colors. I want to do something in a Buddhist theme (so probably something that will work well with red accents), relaxing but not too dark. I have a lot of woodwork to sand, so I figure I have awhile to decide. Any suggestions you might have are welcome.

On a more interesting note, I saw the first episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace and thought it was pretty well done. The opening shots establishing the contrast between Andrew Cunanan’s lifestyle and that of Versace were particularly interesting, partially because Versace’s house was so lavish, and partially because Cunanan’s purported motive was a psychotic hatred of older, rich gay men he saw as both preying on poor, beautiful young men and as an unattainable ideal. The conflict between Versace’s partner and his sister Donatella was interesting also. It’s really only hinted at in the first episode, so I hope it’s explored more fully in the episodes ahead.
Tags: mmm...the taste of lead paint, seasonal affective disorder eats dicks, the assassination of gianni versace, this old house
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