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Thoughts on “X-Files” 11x3, other random TV stuff

The X-Files

Last night’s episode was, imo, the best so far of the whole revival. I thought it was the first episode of the last two seasons to come anywhere close to evoking the out there, creepy-but-slyly-humorous tone of the original show. The horror was more cerebral than gory or SFX, the actress who played “Judy” was entertaining, and there were even some MSR moments which (more or less) clarified the status of their relationship.

Of course, it wasn’t without its faults. The writers still seem really strangely obsessed by transgenders/people who could pass for either sex, the episode centered around a phenomenon the show explored previously (seeing one’s doppelgänger before death), the plot was pretty predictable, and the inherent sexism of the remarkably well—preserved Scully worrying about Mulder thinking she was “dried up” was a little nauseating. During the show’s original run, this episode probably would’ve been judged mediocre at best. Still, it looked and felt like an X-File, which is more than I can say for any of the other recent episodes.

Next week’s ep comes from Flukeman Darrin Morgan and looks interesting.

The Orville

I’m trying to give it another chance because everyone keeps saying how good it is, but it really just strikes me as an extreme version of wish-fulfillment: Seth MacFarlane grew up wanting to be captain of The Enterprise, and this is the next best thing. One interesting note so far...the guy who voices their robot sounds a lot like Brent Spiner. Also, Victor Garber!


I found it on Netflix, so it’s now at the top of my DVD queue. More to come soon.

What have you been watching, LJ fam? Is it winter where you live? How are you coping with the weather?
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