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This, that. and the other

Quick update on my mom... Sunday night, she had a bad reaction to her pre-op meds, vomited violently and passed out, and ended up getting rushed to the ER. Once there, they said her pulse was really low, her WBC was really high, and she showed signs of a systemic infection. At first they were thinking c-diff because she was passing blood in her stool, but they have presumptively ruled that out now. They had her on infectious contact protocals for a couple days, but now they've lifted them, even though they still don't have any clue what has made her so sick. There's swelling in her colon, so today they did a colonoscopy and took a couple biopseys. Just to make matters worse, they missed the vein when they changed her IV yesterday and all the fluid drained into her arm! Now her arm is hugely swollen and she has a blood clot, but they don't know if they can put her on blood thinnners because her pulse is so low. Also, they STITCHED the latest IV into her neck because they were afraid of missing the vein again. She's horribly uncomfortable. I can't tell you how upset I am about that whole situation.

I've been thinking lately about making the switch to Dreamwidth. LiveJournal seems to be dying a long and drawn out death, and I don't want to be SOL when the final curtain falls. Thoughts?

BTW, I'm running behind on replying to comments because of everything going on - plus to top it off, I have the 'flu. I'm going to take tomorrow to catch up, though. Thanks for being so patient with me!
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