For I am a Domestic Demi-Goddess
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...And a procrastinator of the first order. I still have to edit those photos, so instead here’s a quick picture of my dinner tonight:

(BTW, that’s homegrown basil.)

What are you up to LJ fam?

Drivers I Automatically Side-Eye
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If you live in the city or the burbs and have a bumper sticker on your truck that says some shit like “Cowgirl Up!” Or “Country boys will survive!”

People with non-ironic stick figure families on their cars, especially if they have more than four stick kids. Stop overpopulating the planet and being so fucking basic.

Anyone with an “Abortion stops a beating heart” bumper sticker. You know what else stops a beating heart? Women who die because they can’t receive medically safe abortions. Also, my foot up your ass.

You have an Insane Clown Posse sticker on your car... That tells me pretty much everything I need to know about you.

That goes double for those idiots with the fake testicles on their tow hitches. If you’re secure in your own balls, you don’t need fake ones for your truck.

What about you? What things do you see in traffic or parking lots that signify the person in the other car is probably an asshole?

*edited: a word

Free for All
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What’s going on in your lives? What are you watching, loving, disliking, missing, pondering, or doing? What’s got you reeling, rolling your eyes, excited, or disgusted? Let’s discuss!

Here are a few things to get us going...

- My oven is no more. Luckily, I have a crockpot and Pinterest.

- I’ve been watching the remake of Battlestar Galactica. It’s not bad. I can see why people were such big fans back in the day.

- Do you believe in the Mandela Effect? If so, do you have a theory what’s causing it? Have you ever personally experienced it?

- Have you ever personally identified with a fictional character? Who and why?

The Universe Has Given Us a Gift
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More accurately, some company created a predictive text bot and came up with a really great way to market their product. They fed in stuff from different television shows and other media, and their bot created new content for each of them.

Here are links to my personal favorites, but the entire content page is worth a look.


“Sir, the Enterprise is emitting low levels of Starfleet graduates. We should try to find attractive friends.”

“Mr Worf kindly get to the surface immediately.”

- The X-Files

”The old woman that just got off the phone with me is a ghost and I’m guessing that’s an X-File.”

“Look agent, that is science, believe it or not.”

My New Thing - The Mamacita Monday Challenge
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Hear me out on this one, it’s going to take a little explanation...

My basic personality is a caregiver. I like feeding people, nurturing them and their ideas, making them comfortable and happy. It’s what makes me happy. Hell, I’m basically hygee personified, with a little urban crazy bitch thrown in just to keep things interesting.

As the eldest child of a divorced schizophrenic, a lot of my nurturing tendencies were undoubtedly learned. I was taught to look after people, to anticipate problems, and to do things for others (particularly my younger siblings and mom). The one thing I wasn’t taught was to do things for myself. It sounds stupid and self-helpy when I state it so baldly, but that’s the truth. It’s a pattern I’ve continued into adulthood. My husband, adult kids, the golden grandchild, nieces and nephews, Mom, even my dogs and cats... I spend a lot of time doing stuff for others. So much time, in fact, that I actually feel guilty when I take time out for myself. Then - and here’s the really shitty part - I feel resentful that I’m being so ridiculous and histrionic about something so trivial. It’s such a hassle that most of the time I just avoid the whole cycle entirely and simply skip doing things for myself (because the best way to deal with emotions is to smother them).


I have vowed to make this a better year than the last. 2017 really sucked on a lot of levels - personal, public, political. I can’t control most of those things, but I can control how I react to them, and part of that emotional control is having some reverses when I need to call on them instead of always feeling like I’m running on empty. If I’m always pushing myself as hard as I can, one negative external factor (like a flu or an unexpected expense or an uncomfortable personal encounter) can feel like a major disaster, when really it’s just a minor one at worst. So, from now on, I’m taking Mamacita Mondays - one day a week where I take the time to do extra stuff for myself. I don’t have to do anything big or at all remarkable, just something that I probably wouldn’t normally take the time or money to do for myself. Anything.

Remember, I said it could be something small...Collapse )

What was the last nice thing you did for yourself? Did you feel good about it afterward?

Ms. Fix-It Gets The Winter Blues
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I’ve been a little down the last few days. I’m attributing most of it to seasonal affective disorder because not only do I need more sunlight (my precious!), but when it gets below freezing, I have to stay in as much as possible in order to protect the health of my lungs (enlarged hearts->bad lungs->very susceptible to pneumonia) so I also could do with an excursion or two away from the house.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on redoing my bathroom. I demoed most of it last year - removed six layers of wallpaper all the way down to the original plaster, ripped out the linoleum, and removed a sink from the 50s. After a taking a break to recoup, I got busy on the linen closet. It took me about two weeks, but I removed all the old lead paint from the wood shelves so I could salvage and stain them. I also removed all of the old, tres ugly wallpaper and painted the inside. (I have pictures off all this if anyone is curious.) Now I’m sanding the bathroom door and trying to decide on colors. I want to do something in a Buddhist theme (so probably something that will work well with red accents), relaxing but not too dark. I have a lot of woodwork to sand, so I figure I have awhile to decide. Any suggestions you might have are welcome.

On a more interesting note, I saw the first episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace and thought it was pretty well done. The opening shots establishing the contrast between Andrew Cunanan’s lifestyle and that of Versace were particularly interesting, partially because Versace’s house was so lavish, and partially because Cunanan’s purported motive was a psychotic hatred of older, rich gay men he saw as both preying on poor, beautiful young men and as an unattainable ideal. The conflict between Versace’s partner and his sister Donatella was interesting also. It’s really only hinted at in the first episode, so I hope it’s explored more fully in the episodes ahead.

Thoughts on “X-Files” 11x3, other random TV stuff
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The X-Files

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Next week’s ep comes from Flukeman Darrin Morgan and looks interesting.

The Orville

I’m trying to give it another chance because everyone keeps saying how good it is, but it really just strikes me as an extreme version of wish-fulfillment: Seth MacFarlane grew up wanting to be captain of The Enterprise, and this is the next best thing. One interesting note so far...the guy who voices their robot sounds a lot like Brent Spiner. Also, Victor Garber!


I found it on Netflix, so it’s now at the top of my DVD queue. More to come soon.

What have you been watching, LJ fam? Is it winter where you live? How are you coping with the weather?

Lowered X-pectations
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1. Does anyone feel like joining Habitica? It’s free, but I’ve also got a gift subscription for a free month of the paid version if anyone wants it. If you want to join, let me know and we’ll form a party and do some quests. It really is quite entertaining and super-effective, especially if you like developing and equipping RPG characters. (And did I mention that I have a code for a free month of the paid version?)

2. The Christmas decorations are all packed and put away in the attic a few days ahead of schedule. (Thank you Habitica!)

3. I was glad to see Allison Janney won a Golden Globe for her role in I, Tonya. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but she’s been wonderful in other roles and just seems to be a likable person. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t come across like an entitled diva be recognized for her work.

4. I’ve been working so hard that I decided to reward myself a little and bought an art print today. I’m looking forward to hanging it in my hallway.

5. That shootout scene in tonight’s X-Files was pretty good. The concept was interesting too, but it felt like the execution was off. Still, by recent standards, it was practically a masterpiece.

A Real X-File and Other Stuff
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Five Good Things

1. This thing I’ve been doing writing down five positive things from each day. I find myself looking for positive things for this list throughout the day, so I’m naturally noticing more positive things. It’s like noticing someone wearing a bright pink hat a few days in a row; pretty soon, all the bright pink hats start jumping out at you. Some days are better than others, but training yourself to think more positively will always come in handy.

2. The Net Neutrality issue isn’t quite dead yet. I’m happy to hear it’s going to be forced to a vote in the Senate because politicians who are accountable to constituents are less likely to kill the Net as we know it when it might also mean killing their careers, and my cheap ass is too broke to pay for LJ.

3. I’ve been working on making better use of my time. For that reason - as well as the fact that most people are just assholes - I’ve sworn off daily use of Facebook. I’m still going to use it for DMs and to look at photos every few weeks or so, but other than that, I’m avoiding it. Nothing specific led to my decision, I’m just tired of the political arguments, pettiness, and general narcissism FB seems to specialize in. I haven’t been active there since early December, and I don’t miss it at all. I’m happier and less annoyed with my peers because I’m not wading through daily shitposts.

4. Put on your tin-foil hats for this one, X-Philes... Tonight I watched Wormwood, a stylistic documentary series (available on Netflix) about the death of CIA agent Frank Olsen. Even if you’re familiar with the circumstances surrounding this MK-Ultra mind control conspiracy, I still recommend watching this short series. Although it’s a documentary, Wormwood is approached more like a slowly unfolding feature film with artsy shots and dramatic reenactments interspersed with an extended interview with Olsen’s son. Includes lots of little known details about the investigation. Definitely recommended.

5. It’s going to be in the 50’s (Fahrenheit) tomorrow! I think I’m going to celebrate by doing some work in the yard.

My Moment of Truth
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I had intended to look up NYE 2017 memes, but my history suggested these instead.

Happy 2018! May all of our browsing histories be better in the year ahead.


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