It's cute that he acts like he doesn't remember.
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A recent conversation...

Handsome: I think I might be late tonight. I've got a meeting with a contractor, and he's not even going to show up until 5.

Me: That's cool. (Kid K) is coming over, and we're going to watch Teen Wolf.

Handsome (who does not share our enthusiasm for Teen Wolf): That works out well then. Enjoy your Styles and...whatever that relationship is.

(Kisses me and leaves.)

*Edited b/c the original tag was too long.

My New Favorite Song
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Childish Gambino has filled the Prince-sized hole in my heart.

Trek Against Trump
star trek: ufp
Wow. Apparently, a bunch of people who've been affiliated with Star Trek in some way have come together to endorse a group called "Trek Against Trump." There are some pretty recognizable names on the list of members, and all the various incarnations of Trek are represented both in front of and behind the camera. (Special shout out to my girl Gates McFadden! Holla!) Here's the beginning of their statement:

Star Trek has always offered a positive vision of the future, a vision of hope and optimism, and most importantly, a vision of inclusion, where people of all races are accorded equal respect and dignity, where individual beliefs and lifestyles are respected so long as they pose no threat to others. We cannot turn our backs on what is happening in the upcoming election. Never has there been a presidential candidate who stands in such complete opposition to the ideals of the Star Trek universe as Donald Trump. His election would take this country backward, perhaps disastrously. We need to elect a president who will move this country forward into the kind of future we all dream of: where personal differences are understood and accepted, where science overrules superstition, where people work together instead of against each other.

You can read more here, including a full list of members. Engage!

* I think...correct me if I'm wrong

I feel so gratified RN, it's killing me.
stranger things: minimalist gang
Stranger Things and/or Parks and Rec fans, have you seen this?

To Protect, Serve, and Spread Communicable Diseases
sherlock: sherlock ummm
Weird morning today. I woke up to police arresting someone out in front of my house. As near as I could tell from the conversation I shamelessly listened to from my bedroom window, homegirl was driving a stolen car. She looked pretty young (late teens) and shaken up, so I have a feeling she wasn't exactly a criminal mastermind. One of the cops offered her a last cigarette before she went to jail...and then proceeded to take a couple puffs himself while she was busy getting searched by a female officer, only to once again return it to her mouth when the pat-down was done. They never show that shit on COPS.

Happy Birthday!
movie: shining twins
Happy birthday to my dear friend london_fan! May you have many good surprises and more smiles than frowns in the year to come! I love ya, lady!

Cabin Fever
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Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Malice has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign. If you haven’t already done so, please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in an overhead bin. Please take your seat and fasten your seat belt, and also make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. If you are seated next to an emergency exit, please read carefully the special instructions card located by your seat. If you do not wish to perform the functions described in the event of an emergency, please tell the flight attendant you've already seen LOST and know how things will end for her.

We remind you that this is not a non-smoking flight. Smoking is cautiously advised on this trip, that's why God made lavatories. Tampering with, disabling or destroying the lavatory smoke detectors may be advisable, depending upon your circumstances.

If you have any questions about our urban flight today, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our attendants. Thank you.

In other words, we're off to the mountains to celebrate our anniversary! Be good in my absence, and if you can't be good, at least take some screenshots for me!

Another Choose Your Own Adventure Post
movie: shining twins
Pick a topic to discuss with me in the comments. Chhose your path, choose your adventure!

  • After receiving most of them for my birthday last June then recently acquiring a Beverly Crusher on e-Bay, I now have a full, unopened Wave Two set of all the TNG senior officer action figures, plus a Borg. BTW, did I mention they're unopened? Because I'm going to open them.

  • Please, please, someone, watch Mr. Robot so we can discuss it. It's a really intelligent, psychological techno-crime thriller. It's also the first show in years that I've eagerly awaited the new episode each and every week.

  • That sound you heard today was my screech of joy as I finally received a my copy of Green Room, the crime-horror vehicle starring Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin, from Netflix. Obviously, we will be discussing this movie more soon,

  • You've heard they're remaking Stephen King's It, right? Although, at least IMO, no one can ever really replace Tim Curry in anything and it's probably a mistake to even try, I have to say that the new Pennywise is looking pretty freaking disturbing.

  • Scientists have discovered a squid that looks like a Pixar character. It's pretty damn adorable, particularly when you consider that it's a squid.

  • Finally, look who's in talks to join that Mary Poppins sequel.

Well, you got caught with a flat? Well, how bout that.
movie: shining twins

The Misogynistic Fuckery of Banshee
movie: shining twins
Mr. Malice has started watching Banshee, a Cinemax series available for free on Amazon Prime. That's a very important point to make, since I'd be damned if our money would go to support that shit.

First off, it's a series from Alan Ball, the same guy that brought us the soapy, soft porn True Blood, so I wasn't exactly expecting Downton Abbey. That's not the problem. The series, about a prototypical bad boy who takes on the local kingpin shaking down the residents of his newfound home, is a bit reminiscent of the much less pretentious 80s popcorn classic Roadhouse. However, there are several side plots thrown in, and it's fairly entertaining to a certain point. Where that point comes to a screeching shitshow of a halt is when the show's creators decided to use rape as a form of entertainment. Within the first few episodes, there's the ubiquitous threat of prison rape (but of course the male lead is able to defend himself and avoid the assault by a much bigger inmate because he's just so tough and manly), the sexual assault and attempted rape of a woman by a motorcycle gang, the sexual assault and threatened rape of a teacher taken hostage, and the beating and rape of a waitress by a MMA fighter. Even worse than the writers' decision to repeatedly use rape as a cheap, worn out, creatively and morally bereft plot device, most of waitress's rape is filmed in a titillating, "male gaze"-type way that is deeply nauseating. Then, just to put the sexualized cherry on the misogyny sundae, the assault is used as little more than an excuse for the male lead to flashback to his own threatened - but ultimately unsuccessful!!! don't forget!!! - prison rape and thus cast him as an avenging antihero, brawling with the MMA fighter and beating him bloody (uh-huh) in a highly improbable and clichéd show of self-righteous machismo. Fucking spare me.

Noticing Banshee's rather disturbing rape fetish after only eight episodes, I did some digging around and found out there's yet more rape to come (statutory, spousal). I also found out that none other than Greg Yaitanes was one of the show's EPs for its entire four year run. That actually explains a lot.

If, unlike me, you've so far managed to miss this now-defunct dreck, do yourself a favor and give Banshee a permanent pass. I know the first season is free on various platforms, but free shit is still just shit.


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